Relaxing Raft Up At Inati Bay and you, your friends and your family are invited…

Yes, we are having a Crab Fest at our own outstation, Inati Bay. (You Can Register Here!)

This will be a relaxing raft up and crab fest, and it is probable the first boats will arrive Friday night, July 29th.

This entire cruise will be an evolving cruise, meaning that who ever shows up will be participating. There is no formal schedule, this is a raft and Crab Fest up for fun:

Friday & Saturday – Boats away from Bellingham and over to Inati Bay.

For those of you who can make it Friday night – lets plan on a beach fire and have some great stories by the fire. Maybe also some of those s’mores! These beach fires are so much fun, we will just have to do it again on Saturday evening. Oh, and did anyone say this was a Crab Fest?  Better haul the pots before dinner!

Saturday morning (at a time when everyone is ready) – A Potluck Breakfast. Now this might be on the boats, it might be on the shore, but the goal is to just continue to relax and have a good time with your friends from the Bellingham Yacht Club.

Saturday afternoon (or late morning, whenever) – Play on the beach. Maybe hikes on Lummi. Maybe a little napping. Maybe a little reading, but for sure, setting the Crab Pots for Saturday Dinner.

Saturday night – Beach Fire. Oh, and did anyone say this was a Crab Fest?  Better haul the pots before dinner!

Sunday – well, Sunday we will head back home, but probably not before another potluck, hike, beach relaxing…..

If you have not ever been to one of the Bellingham Yacht Clubs raft ups at Inati Bay, now is your chance. The only formality is the date. It is a great nearby location for family and boating fun. It might be 5 boats, it might be 50, but head on over!

For Information Contact John Gargett, 656-5700,