On August 22, 9 BYC members began our 2 week cruise to Desolation Sound. There were 4 boats in our fleet, one sailboat and three power boats. We took 5 days to cruise up to Desolation Sound with stops at Montague Harbour, Nanaimo, Pender Harbour, and Lund. Highlights of our trip north included the Hummingbird Pub bus at Montague Harbour, dinner at the Laughing Oyster in Okeover Channel just over the hill from Lund, as well as nightly happy hours on our boats! The first week, the weather was beautiful and we had a smooth crossing of the Georgia Strait.

In Desolation Sound, our first stop was the stunning Prideaux Haven where we spent 3 nights. One of the days, we toured the Homfray Channel and traveled around East Redonda Island. The scenery was just spectacular. Next, we were on our way to Squirrel Cove when the big storm arrived. We were blasted by over 30 knot gusts, but the only casualty was some lost oars. Because of the conditions, 2 of the boats stopped at the marina in Refuge Cove for the rest of the day while the other 2 went on to Squirrel Cove where they anchored for the night amid strong winds. At Refuge Cove, we were protected from the wind but not the waves and the boats at the dock took a beating that day! The next day conditions improved a bit and we all ended up at Squirrel Cove and did a day trip from there around Raza Island.

After that, we started our trip back to Bellingham. Even though the storm had passed by then, the rain hung around off-and-on for a few more days and the sea state remained unsettled. We mostly had smooth cruising back home though except for one afternoon in the Malaspina Strait that got a little crazy! But we were blessed with another smooth crossing of the Georgia Strait and returned to the Gulf Islands via Porlier Pass.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and it was great to share it with other BYC members. Many of us did not know each other before and so we made some new friends in the process as well.

Vickie Olson

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