We could not have asked for a better weekend for the BYC’s Annual Buccaneers Cruise at Inati Bay last weekend. The weather was prefect and the atmosphere was festive. It was so great to see all BYC members, families and kids including many new members, joining together to make it a successfully event. There was socializing, great food, games, dancing, swimming, treasure hunts and kid’s (young and old) doing cannon balls off Jumanji’s fly bridge. Thanks to Neil, Michele, Steve, Angie and Katie for the plentiful meal… and to everyone who pulled pots for the biggest crab fest I’ve ever seen. Newer members Chris & Debi Vazquez and Adam & Nichole Jordan had a great time doing the Kids Treasure Hunt for the young Pirates. Rick Laursen, in addition to keeping this event glued together, had teams of four paddling all around Inati Bay in search of hidden Pirate Grog in the Adults Treasure Hunt. The treasure was cleverly stashed in a crab pot protected by the skeletal remains of a Dead Pirate. It seemed fitting for this family themed event, that the band Mark Santosuosso hired, “Odd Ones Out”, was a group a talented local high school kids that rocked Inati Bay with classic 70’s and 80’s tunes. Later in the evening, Christen Opfer kicked off “Pirate Karaoke” that ran into late evening. There were many courageous souls who stepped up to the microphone to show off their vocal talents (as well as some with the lack there of)!  

Tom Day, in addition to doing the transport of supplies and band aboard the Hard Drive Marine landing craft he builds, had fabricated a custom stainless steel griddle for the Inati BQQ grill that made it possible to cook up 150 Pancakes and 10 pounds sausages for the Sunday morning breakfast.

An unfortunate incident occurred Sunday as the raft up was breaking, that however made me proud to be part the BYC Family. As Mike & Maya Allsop were hoisting up their tender, El Pascador, the lifting ring failed and the small craft came crashing down over the deck and railing of La Siesta, and ended up turtled in the water. Immediately, an impressive fleet of members in their dinghies headed out to assist. After assessing no injuries, they began to right the tender. It was a complicated process of hoisting the bow up with La Siesta’s crane while pulling the stern with a dinghy at full throttle. After two attempts, they eventually succeeded. All of us could only hope to be as fortunate that if ever such an incident happened to us on the water, our fellow BYC Members would be right there to assist as they were for Mike & Maya. Kudo’s to All!!

Thanks everyone for coming.

If you have photos that you would like share, please e-mail them to me at jon@latitude48north.com.

Jonathan Knowles
Vice Commodore

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