Our Boating Tip this time was brought to mind by Member Kim Alfreds on Opening Day. Judy and I were on the guest list aboard Kim and Lynda’s beautiful 87’ Queenship, Souvenir, for the parade. It was a treat, for sure. But just before we left the dock, Kim called everyone aboard together in the aft end of the salon.

“Ok, everyone,” he said, “this is our mustering station. This is where we will all immediately come in the event of an emergency of any kind! Remember it!”

Kim then when on to tell us of the lifejacket, life ring, heaving line and flare locations, what to do if there was a man overboard, restrictions on head usage, and when and where we could be and how we could help during critical operations such as docking and anchoring, and VHF radio locations. He went over any “rules of the boat”. Then he answered his guests’ questions.

His directions were given cordially, but definitely. And in just three or four minutes, we knew all we needed to know related to basic safety aboard. He took nothing for granted, even though everyone there — I think — was a boater themselves…

Readers, I have been a licensed captain for years, and I train boaters often. But Kim’s clear commitment to safety was such a great way to start a trip! We were not only told what we needed to know, but it was abundantly clear that aboard that gorgeous yacht, safety was the first criteria for all operations, and we were in good hands. It was reassuring to all.

Isn’t that the way you want your guests to feel on your boat?
Follow Kim Alfred’s example. Hold a safety briefing for your passengers every time before getting underway. Someday it could save a life!

Joe Coons, June 15, 2010

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